Hillside Outlaw:
[hil-sahyd out-law]

  • One who refuses to walk the line.
  • One who offers unpredictable entertainment.
  • One who refuses to pull any punches.

Offering a fusion of traditional country crossed with a gritty twist, Hillside Outlaws represent a sound and a way of life that is about embracing each journey, doing the opposite of what’s expected, and having good times along the way.

Formed in the hills of Penticton, British Columbia, the Hillside Outlaws came to be after lead singer and guitarist Louis Bigras won his division of the Road to Rockin’ River Talent Contest and was chosen to perform at the festival.

After playing at the festival, Bigras began collaborating with drummer Erik Galata and bass player Carlos Jiménez before the introduction of lead guitarist Langley Jackson into the group made its core complete.

With shared musical inspirations like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Brothers Osborne to go along with a common goal of entertaining audiences, Hillside Outlaws have come to be defined by live shows that exist in a place where fast energy and meaningful songs meet.

As they have developed their sound and fed their hunger for playing live, Hillside Outlaws are coming into their own as an emerging group that is putting forward the building blocks for success. After a series of live show success earned them an invitation to perform at the 2017 BC Country Music Association Pre-Awards Showcase before finishing as finalists in the 2017 Breakthrough Music Project.

From there, Hillside Outlaws have sowed the seeds to put their first creative stamp on the industry. After joining forces with veteran producer Paul Shatto (The Higgins, Robyn & Ryleigh, Jetty Road), they released their first radio single, “Hair of the Dog”, in the summer of 2018 in anticipation of their debut EP, Country Jukebox – a record that encompasses the pure sound of the group with the goal of introducing them to a wider audience.

In an industry that is eager to welcome original grit that is fused with the best of traditional country music, Hillside Outlaws will scratch the itch of country music lovers who want to experience a group that can serve as the life of the party while hitting one musical sweet spot after another.

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